Exon Education Charitable Trust (R)
Exon Education Charitable Trust (R)
Exon Education Charitable Trust (R)
Exon Education Charitable Trust (R)


NGO Exon Educational Charitable Trust working towards health & education upliftment of poor people Empowerment since 15 years giving free education to drop out children's giving scholarship to poor students skills development program for unemployed women & grown up girls like Embroidery ,Tailoring,Cooking,Basic computer training free health check up in slum areas,free medicines for needy patients,Free Eye Screening Cataract Surgery,Free ration distribution for orphan & Widows,Needy people running a institute Florida English High School in slum vinobhanagar,KG Halli,Bangalore.

Madrasa Abidia Tahfizul-ul Quran,Abidia Anmol Aasraa old age home(HOME FOR AGED PEOPLE"S).

  • Eradication of the child labour
  • To promote the education amongst the weaker section of the society specially those children who have discontinued their studies in between of their age of academics i.e., 6-14yrs the project will be channelized through various sources and publicity : - 1.Through adds in news paper and other media sources. 2. Through campaigns and canvassing on to the doorstep of the houses 3. By mass public awareness program and events. 4. By opening the schools/ Study centres / distance education programmes / evening colleges and many more likewise. 5. By opening the job oriented short term diploma courses/ vocational training centres at various places within the range under the act of AICTE. 6. Imparting the free education for the school drop outs and also to the children of the underprivileged section between the age group of 6 to 14 yrs.
  • Girl child or women upliftment programme
  • Economic empowerment of women: - Steps will be taken for mobilization of poor women and convergence services, by offering them a range of economic and social options, along with necessary support measures to enhance their capabilities.
  • Social empowerment of women: - 1. Education : - equal access to education for women and girls will be ensured. And improved the quality of education to facilitate lifelong learning as well as development of occupation/vocation/ technical skills by women. 2. Science and technology: - Programmes in the strengthen to bring about a greater involvement of women in science and technology. This will include measures to motivate girls to take up science and technology for higher education and also ensure that development project with scientific and technical inputs envol women full. Special measures will be taken for their training in areas where they have a special skills like communication and information technology. Efforts will be taken to develop appropriate technologies study by the means of offering them the various diploma courses such as beauty care, beauty culture, catering assistant, cosmetology, cutting and tailoring, garment making, Kitchen and catering operations painting, restaurant service, spoken English, course of pottering, course in basic front office, course in accounting of trust and society, nutrition and many more like wise. 3 Nutrition: - Special efforts will be made to tackle the problems of micro and macro nutrient deficiencies special amongst pregnant and lactating women as it leads to various diseases and disabilities. Women's participation will also be ensured in the planning, super intendancies and delivery of system
  • Exon rehabilitation programs to promote voluntary action for the school dropout, adults (Male & Female) with disabilities (financially) -The trust members will ensure to facilitate delivery of various services to persons with disabilities (financially weak)
  • Counselling Classes
  • Vocational training centres (catering management, data base administration, four wheeler mechanism, garment making, house electrician, mobile repairing, refrigeration and air condition, television and video repairing and etc
  • Special schools for the persons of the weaker section of the society
  • Project for preschool and early intervention and training
  • Project for community based Rehabilitation
  • Project for legal literacy, including legal counselling, legal aids and analysis.
  • Rehabilitation programme to promote voluntary action for the school dropout, adults (Male & Female) with disabilities (Financially).
  • Skill based short term courses for the widows, house wives and girls.
  • Health Camps, Workshops, Counselling, Scholarhips, Food Distribution etc
  • Distribution of Blankets to Poor and Needy
  • Distribution of Scholarship for Poor and Bright Students
  • Project for preschool and early intervention and training
  • Giving Education to drop outs.


  • Construction of building for the purpose Eradication of the child labour
  • Purchase of the vehicle
  • Grant for computers
  • Seminars / Workshop / Rural Camps


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